streamWriter 5.3

streamWriter can be used to record audio from Internet radio stations
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If you think that a good way to enlarge your music collection would be to record tracks from the streams of online radio stations, then you should know that this is a pretty difficult job if you lack the right tool to help you with it. streamWriter is not just an average one of these tools that help you record radio streams, but actually one of the best ones you can find. streamWriter is actually specialized in recording music tracks from radio broadcasts, therefore it comes with specific features and functions meant to facilitate this precise task. For example, it lets you add a specific song to a wishlist and automatically record it when a radio station plays it. So if you heard a great song that you want to transfer to your portable music player and you couldn’t find that track anywhere to purchase or download, streamWriter can help you obtain that song. And this cool feature is in fact only one example of the many cool things that this application can do.

streamWriter can also record multiple tracks, from multiple sources, at the same time. It’s not limited to only the radio stream currently being played. Of course, you can also use it as a radio player if that’s what you want. Furthermore, it comes with a large pre-defined list of radio stations grouped by genres and stream quality, so finding the right music for you will be an easy and enjoyable job. Advanced specific options like track splitting, silence detection, file naming patterns, or automatic tag insertion are also available.

This cool program is also easy to use, as it comes with a neat and intuitive interface. Since it’s also free, I can only recommend it with all my heart.

Margie Smeer
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  • Records wishlist songs automatically
  • Batch recording
  • Free
  • Simple-to-use interface


  • No offline help file
  • Can save only to MP3 and AAC formats
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