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This free program lets you listen to and record different web radio stations. Unlike other similar programs, you can set this one to stop recording when the song you are listening ends instead of doing so manually. Also, if you are looking for a given song, you can search its title and add it to a wishlist. This will make the program to record the song automatically when played in any of the stations registered by the program. Also, you can create an "ignore list" that, as its name implies, will stop the recording process every time that song is broadcasted.

The application is very simple to use. After opening it, you can search your favorite station by its name or by the type of music it broadcasts. Once you have found it, you can start recording through the graphic controls in the interface. A very interesting and useful feature is the possibility of recording various streams simultaneously. Also, you don't need to listen to the streams as you record them; just by clicking on the Record option, the program will start recording. If you want to listen to what you are recording, you can click on the Play option.

The program creates a folder to save all your recordings so you can have access to them later and listen to them as many times as you wish.

I found this program very useful and fun to use. Also, its Wishlist, Ignore list and simultaneous recordings are something you won't find in many programs, even if they are pay-based. If you love music and radio broadcasting, you may want to give it a try. If you like the program, you can make a donation through PayPal on Amazon services.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Allows users to listen to and record web radio stations
  • Allows users to create wish lists to record a given song automatically when played
  • You can record several stations simultaneously


  • Its interface is kind of dull
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